Creative Group Meeting April 25, 2012

StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000002416 KIDS WEBSITE
Jason and LeAnn went over items they would like incorporated into the Kids Website. They would like primary tabs for Teens, Older kids that can read, Parents & Teachers.
Additional buttons for Books & Reading, games, Learning Homework [for data bases], kids catalog.
Keep the site simple. Good sites to reference are funbrain, nat geo kids, pbs kids, cdc for kids.
Michael will need content from YS
Jason to deliver content in 1-2 weeks. Michael & Bill need 1-2 weeks for design after receiving content.

Goes live May 23 | Vince at KLA is supposed to send media kit | David will produce a video | contact WIBW and media | Info on Janus monitors | contact Topeka Capital Journal | blogging | email blast| web marquee| poster in west wing needs to go  up ASAP | signage behind circ desk | need to produce talking points for library staff | talking points will be made available on news2use |

We need a link on that’s apparent for where you can go sign up for a card. Link to  Michael will fix.

Replace video of Susie & Warren 2-3 ads. One ad would be for the Bag Day Book Sale, one would be for 1/2 price book sales at the end of the month and one – when applicable – would be for the Big Annual Book Sale

Michael would like to base report on HP ads. Several items to highlight from 2012 would be ebooks, 2012 ALA candidate, YS mural, solar system in YS, new catalog, dog bench. Report will be in video format with a print version available. Early March deadline for publication/release. Need to work on production timeline.

We are planning to use mail chimp template. Bill/Michael will import mail list to mchimp. Need to discuss further about staff usage of mail chimp. Items to discuss are …. How will staff get info to eblast, how many eblasts per month.

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