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Oceans of Possibilities

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Current Exhibit

Oceans of Possibilities
June 4 – Aug 21, 2022 

Dive beneath the waves and explore creatures of the deep in the Oceans of Possibilities Art Exhibit for Children June 4 – Aug 21, 2022. Discover how we all impact the world’s oceans. You can even take a side trip down the waterways of Kansas all the way to the Gulf of Mexico!

This summer we transformed the gallery into an ocean. Walk along our beach, discover a coral reef,  and have fun exploring underwater in the SS Sabatini. While exploring, don’t forget to look up. Discover how we can help take care of the oceans and waterways from here in Topeka, Kansas.

The 21st annual art exhibit for children is made possible in part by The Library Foundation through contributions from the Sabatini Family Foundation.

Every Monday you can work with us on art and craft projects to expand the exhibit and add to our indoor ocean.


Welcome script/intro text

Hello and welcome to the Oceans of Possibilities Exhibit!

Are you ready to dive deep beneath the waves and explore the oceans? In each ocean zone you will find an ambassador creature that will tell you more about themselves and their environment.

We start here in the intertidal zone (the beach), and travel all the way to the dark abyss where you can find our submarine the SS Sabatini.

You can even find a cool marble run that show how even in the landlocked state of Kansas, what we do in our rivers can affect the oceans.

We have a few rules while in the Gallery today…

  • You are welcome to touch but please touch with your hands and eyes not your feet. Our ocean scenes will not hold your weight.
  • No running in the ocean please, we don’t want to harm the other creatures visiting
  • For those with little visitors, please be aware that there are small marbles in the KS waterway marble run, so if you have small children you might want to keep an eye on them.

Would you mind sharing your zip code before you start your adventure?
Enjoy the oceans


Open/Close instructions for Oceans

  • Opening and Closing the Gallery: Please take the time to watch the instructional videos below. The badge reading outside the workroom (further down the Edge hallway) will allow you access to the Gallery from the workroom. Once you are in the workroom, you will need to start the video and turn on the marine snow lights, work your way to the front doors when it’s time to open the gallery. In the desk drawer you will find the remotes to turn on the TV, the projector, and the thermal vent light. To leave the Gallery at night, make sure all doors are locked behind you are you leave, and repeat the process. The lights and music will turn off automatically.
  • Turning on art work and the Smart TV: Travis had made a great short videos that walk you through the process of turning on and off all of the different aspects of this exhibit – there are a lot so please watch the video!
  • Please walk through the exhibit during your shift.
  • IPad: If the IPad looks blank – click on the time in the upper left corner to get the app to go back to the top of the page
  • Keep an eye on the Reed Studio supplies. You might need to replenish supplies.
  • Gallery and library stats: Please keep recording visitors, times, and zip codes in the gallery’s daily stats doc. Also record interactions with the public on the library stats pages too.

Instructional Videos