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While not everyone on staff may take a shift in the call center, understanding the changes for incoming calls to the library may be helpful for all staff.

Updates from March 28, 2016 include print and online directory, calls in the queue, disabling outlook integration, and fire codecall-center-updates

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The Call Center priority is to make sure customer calls coming into the library receive consistent service.

Answering the phone

Who should answer the phone in the call center?

  • It’s like volleyball – you and your partner alternate who answers the phone.
  • You can call out “I’ve got it” or simply take turns.

If your partner is on the phone, you must efficiently transfer everything to either:

  • 4424 for customer account, item renewal, payment and fee questions
  • 4555 for information, directory assistance, item look up, research questions

no matter what.

Avoid “blind transfers” – general calls

Avoid introducing a transfer with “this call’s for you” and “can you take a call?” because you aren’t including any information about the caller or their need. The goal is for the person taking the transfer to be prepared to help.

Here’s what to say instead:

Did the caller ask for “Reference” or “Circulation”? Then, you say: “What does the call concern so I can transfer you correctly?” and then if your partner in the call center isn’t on the phone AND it is a brief informational question (not in depth), offer “Maybe I can help you with that?”

Use these guidelines to transfer the call and give the person taking the transfer the information you’ve gathered about the customer question.

  • 4424 for customer account, item renewal, payment and fee questions
  • 4555 for information, directory assistance, item look up, placing requests, research questions

Avoid “blind transfers” – calls for specific people

Did the caller ask for a specific person? You say: “May I ask who is calling?” and maybe even “May I ask what this concerns?” and then transfer and say “I have a call from _________ about ________”

What about staff schedules?

The correct answer to “Is Fred working now?” and “When does Fred work next?” is:

  • If you haven’t yet tried to connect the caller to Fred is to say “ I don’t have that information. May I connect you to Fred?”
  • If you have already tried to connect and did not get an answer: “I don’t have that information. Would you like to leave a message on Fred’s voicemail, or can someone else help you?”

From Stephen Lusk: Instead of stating what you can’t do (“we don’t give out that information”) and coming to a full stop, you are offering what you can do (connect to Fred, his voicemail, or someone else) and moving on to a resolution.

No more “finding” people

With the changes made possible with the new phone system, we will no longer check the desk schedule and track down the person on a service desk when they receive a phone call. All staff now have direct extensions and their calls should be transferred to their extensions. In an emergency, managers will help locate staff as needed.

Work in Progress

Please try to follow these guidelines and send your feedback to the Call Center Team in care of Lissa Staley or speak with your supervisor with concerns.

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