Fall Art Auction Coming Soon

In 2020 the Friends of the Library held an art auction that gave people the opportunity to own a piece of art from the library’s permanent collection. Not all of the art available was sold. On Sept 23 you’ll have another chance to purchase art from the collection and support the library at the same time.

The library has been collecting art for more than 100 years. The art was donated to benefit the library.  The proceeds from the sale will enable the library and gallery to prepare for the future.

Soulis Auctions from Kansas City, Missouri, will conduct an online art auction Fri, Sept 23 with art from the library’s collection. However, not all the art in the sale is from the library. Be sure to view item descriptions to see if it is a library item.  If you are only interested in the art from the library, see the consignment list.

See the best pictures of the items and the catalog.

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