Changes to Open Early

We are making some changes to our open early hour. We will continue this service from 8-9AM, Monday – Friday.  However, beginning Monday, September 19, we will not be requiring masks for customers. This is based on the fact that the majority of customers are using this as simply an additional hour of time and the current CDC level has been in the Low category for two weeks. It was also difficult for staff to enforce the mask requirement. Open early will continue to only be for the public spaces north of the security gates, and does not include the Level 2 Tech Center, Gallery, or Topeka Room. We will continue to monitor this and make changes as necessary.  Thanks to everyone working the floor at this time for making this possible.

6 thoughts on “Changes to Open Early

  1. Kimberly Sain on said:

    “north of the security gates” still does not include the Customer Service Desk, correct? So, no guest passes, ILL pick-up, lost & found, Zoo passes–all of the services offered by the CSD until 9am? When people call the Call Center and ask “when do you open?” I’m hesitant to say 8am without asking what services they need, which is a little awkward… Hopefully this makes sense and clarifies why I’m asking.–Thanks.

  2. Susan Schafer on said:

    The original message to customers was we were providing an early masked hour for those who didn’t feel safe coming into the library. If we no longer require masks from 8-9, why are we continuing to open at 8am? With customer service not being available at 8am, many things a customer takes for granted can’t happen. It was one thing when the focus was on providing a safe environment for a customer to browse. It is different now that health safety isn’t the focus and we are not providing all of our services. Kim asks a good question; what do we say about what time we open? Do we answer it is 8am if…it is 9am if you need…very confusing. I guess what I am needing is a straightforward answer for customers.

  3. Meredith Snepp on said:

    Has the public ever had direct “this is what this service is, this is what you can accomplish, these are the rules/parameters of this time” shared with them? It is repeatedly frustrating for customers who come in and are excited we are open before 9 (often on their way to work or to an appointment of some time) and do not have a library card; this means they can’t accomplish what they need to, but they have to come all the way to the Media area before they discover this. By the time they get to us, they are in a rush, frustrated, and when they discover there are severe limitations to what they can accomplish, they’re even more flustered and upset. Oftentimes these customers are just needing to print something off, a task that would typically take 10 minutes or less, if they had a library card.
    Also, are staff still needing to wear masks from 8-9?

  4. Lissa Staley on said:

    This morning on the way in, the mask sign is up, there are no visible staff up front, and I encountered two customers who were quite confused by whether they could enter more into the building or not. They put on masks, per the sign, and then wandered around a bit in and out of the security gates trying to decide whether they could enter. I haven’t been an 8-9 am staff person, so I am not aware of what services are offered during that time and what aren’t. More information for everyone would be very helpful please!

  5. Thad Hartman on said:

    In addition to the masked hour, the open early time was meant to provide customers with an additional hour of service at a time that was convenient to them. It is also a way for us to test out a time in which self-service is more encouraged. Without the mask requirement we want to continue to test these other two aspects of open early, but it is still very much a pilot project. The need for a staff member at customer service is something we’re currently working on. We will have someone scheduled at that desk beginning at 8am in the near future. Circulation is currently in the process of getting that organized. Customers will be able to get a card, temporary pass, or account help at the customer service desk. As far as hours go, I’d tell people we have limited services beginning at 8 and full library services beginning at 9. We will work on getting more clear details about services available and update the signage. Thanks!

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