KitKeeper is Not Working Properly

UPDATE: KitKeeper is working for Staff!  We can see and process upcoming reservations
HOWEVER, the system is not showing accurate information for patrons who are currently making reservations.  It is allowing overlapping reservations to be made.

If anyone needs help making a reservation on a book group in a bag kit, or has questions about upcoming reservation or when a kit is available, please have them contact the Book Group in a Bag team at

Book Group in a Bag team members are Deb Ellerbrook, Miranda Ericsson, Susan Schafer, Matt Pettit, Chris Blocker, Elizabeth Tschetter and Jennifer Jones.

Thanks for your help!

Deb Ellerbrook

Book Group in a Bag Team Leader

One thought on “KitKeeper is Not Working Properly

  1. Deborah Ellerbrook on said:

    Patrons did get a confirmation e-mail from KitKeeper when they reserved the kit, so going back and checking their e-mail for that message from KitKeeper could be helpful if patrons are trying to remember what kit they reserved to pick up for what day.

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