Donated Home and Property for Sale

Last Fall one of our dearest donors passed away, shortly after we learned of he and his wife’s final intentions to support The Library Foundation.

In January, The Library Foundation received possession of the home and contents of these amazing people. Since then, Foundation Board Members, Staff and volunteers have been hard at work preparing the items for sale, as per our policies.

The contents of the home have begun being sold through online auctions.

This weekend, the home will go on the market and be sold to benefit The Library Foundation. It’s a beautiful property that is sure to make an exciting home for a new family. Real Estate Listing    

The full value of Glenn & Claire Swogger’s final undesignated gifts has yet to be seen but we know that the impact will be great and far reaching for many years to come. I invite you to read a tribute to them that is posted on the Foundation’s website. Their love for each other, this community and our library system is incredible and we are deeply grateful that they have entrusted us with these gifts.

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