Tech Zone Construction Update

Construction on the new Tech Zone is currently on schedule and we are still planning on it being completed by the end of April. Over the next couple of weeks crews will be painting, installing window frames, and tiling in the restrooms, among other things.

Furniture has been ordered for the new space and we are currently taking bids for computer equipment. We feel confident the furniture will all be here before May, but it is possible we might not get all of the computer equipment by then. Because of this, its possible it won’t be ready to open by the first of May, but that is still unknown. We will know more once a vendor is selected.

We have teams currently working on staffing and training details for this space. We’ve also recently posted a position for an Emerging Technologies Librarian, who will be heavily involved with the new space. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please send them our way. In addition to this, we are in the process of finalizing the official name for the new space. Look for more information and details related to all of this in the coming weeks.

Below are some pictures of what the space currently looks like.

2 thoughts on “Tech Zone Construction Update

  1. Debbie Stanton on said:

    To give everyone a clue on all the moving parts right now while planning for the new space, here are the current sub-teams working to make sure we’re ready by Day 1 —

    Equipment Team — creating an equipment and software list for the new space and proposing a process for management of equipment in the space
    -David King, Meg Porteous, Shannon Eddings, Joey Embers, Stephen Ferrell, Michael Perkins, Kody Stadler

    Procedures Team — proposing a plan for what customer behaviors we’d like to see in the space including sound levels, age, and enforcement of behavior policies
    -Lissa Staley, Kim Sain, Angie Reed, Greg Gaul, Liz Paris, Scott Brackey

    Staffing & Training Team — determining staff levels, how staff duties will be shared among departments, skill-level expectations for staff working the space, and a training timeline and outline
    -Debbie Stanton, Autumn Friedli, Kelli Smith, David King, LeAnn Brungardt, Pat Berry, Meg Porteous, Kate Hughes, Shari Schawo, (new Staff Development Coordinator)

    User Profiles Team — looking at specific types of users we expect to see in the space and what their needs may be
    -Shannon Eddings, Thad Hartman, Sherri Camp, Lissa Staley, Matt Pettit, Autumn Friedli, Areli Bermudez-Villarreal

    Marketing — determining how best to market the equipment and services offered in the new space
    -Diana Friend, Marie Pyko, Thad Hartman, Karen Watson, Michael Perkins, Ginger Park, Bonnie Cuevas, Debbie Stanton

    Thanks to all these teams and everyone who contributed ideas to the Idea Management campaign!