Day Off for Democracy (i.e. work the polls on election day)

The primary election is Aug 3 and the general election is Nov 2, 2021.

“Day off for Democracy” is an initiative for working folks to serve as poll workers in Shawnee County for the elections.

Multiple links on the right side of this page contain additional information.

This is a useful PDF brochure to explain what is involved.

For working the primary, people would need to sign up very soonish so they could attend the very soonish training. (within next two weeks).

Considering this opportunity for the general election in November may be more of a reasonable timeline and you could still sign up for it now.

Library staff could be paid work hours by the library and paid by the election office. It would then be the employee’s responsibility to claim it as income.  (This is per an October 2020 Finance/HR decision.)

Of course, one stipulation for Day of for Democracy training and election work is that that being gone is approved by the department supervisor. Start there!

(more voter/election information to come, the page is up to date and linked under “Research It! ” and I’m always welcome to your local tips/tricks/info on election/voting resources!)






2 thoughts on “Day Off for Democracy (i.e. work the polls on election day)

  1. Adrienne Sanders on said:

    The website says only Shawnee County residents are eligible. Would those of us who do not live here be allowed to do this in the county where we live?

  2. Thad Hartman on said:

    This is intended for Shawnee County only, as this is in partnership with Shawnee County Elections and this is focused on elections in our service area.