Team Room usage change

Effective today Friday May 7th, the Team Rooms are only available on a first come-first served basis.

Please direct any customer who wants to use a Team Room to the staff in the Team room area.
Staff will sign customers up in the rooms.

We have Communico working on addressing the issues related to the reservation software which we have experienced for the past week.

Autumn and Debbie have contacted all customers who had reservations for the Team Rooms.  Those reservations will be honored and staff working at that service point will put them in Team Room 5.  We disabled Team Room 5 for this purpose.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Debbie or Autumn.



5 thoughts on “Team Room usage change

  1. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    Marie – does this mean it is okay to go ahead and check a room out to someone who has a guest pass? Communico doesn’t allow for that option, but using SAM does.

    • Marie Pyko on said:

      A very good question- yes at this time a customer can use the Team Room using a guest pass. They need to get a pass at the Customer Service desk.

  2. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    Also, there seems to be some confusion as to whether by “checking in with staff” it is meant that staff are using the laptop to sign in to Communico and make the reservation, or if we are just using SAM and/or the dry erase tracker. Any help is appreciated!

    • Marie Pyko on said:

      Staff should sign people into the Team Room by using Sam (Comprise). It is also okay to include the mark on the dry erase tracker for a visual for the staff person in the space. Please don’t use Communico for the Team Rooms until we have resolved all the issues. I am sorry for the confusion on the process and the two systems.