Community Bulletin Board Guidelines

Hi all!

The community bulletin board is back up and ready for event posters/flyers. It can be found just to the left of the Community Information wall of brochures as you walk through the hallway on the way to the atrium.

We’ve updated the guidelines on what types of posters/flyers we’ll accept, and they can be found here.

For future use, the link is under the Public Services team page:

Here is the process:

  1. Members of the public can drop an event flyer or poster off at the customer service desk.
  2. If you are working the desk and have the time, double-check that the poster is affiliated with an organization (rather than just an individual person) and that the event takes place in Shawnee County. If not, let them know that we won’t be able to hang it up.
  3. Write the person’s contact information on the back of the poster.
  4. Drop off at Deb Ellerbrook’s desk, or you can call down (x4632) to let her know a poster is at the service desk.

Members of the Community Information team:

  • Deb Ellerbrook (bulletin board)
  • TJ Troughton (east community information wall)
  • Debbie & Autumn


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