Leadership Cohort Meeting August 6, 2019

Meeting Purpose
Review our meetings and discuss what we want to accomplish with these meetings going forward.


1:00 – Gather
1:05 – Start

  • Welcome
  • Vision presentation and feedback – Gina
  • Group discussion – “As a group, one year from now, how are we better?”
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office 365 – Brian, Joey, and Kristin



One year from now, how are we better?

  • How programming is better – we’ve reorganized how we program and request
  • More cohesive library-side program schedules
    • Not siloed – know what each other is working on
  • Better informed decisions (Robert – data)
  • Able to have frank and hard discussions effectively – built team and trust
  • Products from CIG teams will help inform us
  • Patrons think as library as more cohesive whole (not limited to specific staff or department)
  • Leave meetings with clear action items
  • Clear baseline knowledge for all staff with pockets of experience for some
  • Access to more productive resources like Office 365 and QMarkets and Communico
  • More unified, positive group
  • Identify more clear channels for communication with rest of the staff
  • Increased public space to meet customer needs
  • Redesigned staff spaces with processes and tools in mind (at least a plan)
  • Kick ass Gallery space!
  • Tapped into unique knowledge of all experts to lead communal learning
  • Developed a way to evaluate past decisions and tweak as necessary
  • Hear feedback and respond creatively and not be defensive
  • Looking more future forward instead of living in present
  • Take serious look at our overall service model
  • Address falling use numbers
    • Determine priorities
    • Look at TSCPL @ School
    • Stay relevant
  • Be prepared for unfortunate incidents (e.g. active shooter training)
  • More prepared for handling any customer who comes in the library (additional training)
  • Redefine what we mean by outreach and community engagement
    • Connect in neighborhoods beyond just BKM
    • Is there a lack of trust?
    • Know who our strategic alliances are
  • What is our role related to the Rescue Mission and homelessness?

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