Leadership Cohort Meeting July 16, 2019

Meeting Purpose
Review our meetings and discuss what we want to accomplish with these meetings going forward.


1:00 – Gather
1:05 – Start

  • Welcome
  • Review what we’ve done over the past 2 years
  • Group discussion – what do we want to accomplish and learn as a group going forward?


Plus Delta
Growth of relationships

Opportunity for small group discussion with different departments

Nice to get new information in person

Feel more engaged

We are part of the process

Feel like library has made an investment in this group – feel valued

Increased sense of ownership and pride even in things I don’t have to do with

Chance to learn more about what’s going on in library – answers I can give

Helps build my own mental list of experts

Good opportunity to see leadership skills modeled

Action steps can be unclear

Others aren’t getting a report out of meetings

Need a way to include other staff in decision making

Silos you from others especially for things that aren’t ready to share

Coming in midway through meetings was difficult to catch up with what’s going on

Time takes away from other responsibilities

So much going on can lose track of action steps going on outside of meetings

Sometimes feel we’re moving too quickly – need to keep practicing 5th Discipline


What’s next for this group?

  • 5th Discipline
    • Refresh
    • New people
    • How does this affect the work we do at TSCPL?
  • Share what’s happening in library like we’ve done with summer (e.g. 150th)
  • How to set priorities based on CIGs
  • Unconscious bias training
  • How to have uncomfortable conversations
    • Dialog – being able to talk to them without emotion
  • Deliberating decisions and trade offs
  • Importance of play and risk taking
  • Department bring a problem they’re struggling with and use brain trust to work through
  • Personal response vs. institutional response to problems and challenges
  • What does a learning organization begin to look like – create the culture
    • Believe it and model it
  • How to change mental models
  • Change to roving model (steps involved) was done well
    • Use for other initiatives
  • Once something is implemented after proper steps are taken, we all need to support it
  • Share our decision-making process with others
  • Need to revisit decisions
    • 5th Discipline
  • Clear cut way to evaluate things and when it will be done
    • Who is responsible?
  • A lot of responsibility of this team
  • Model the way
  • Reevaluate
  • Debbie’s Public Services Ruminate sessions – how we do things / frustrations / what we liked and didn’t like / what works / etc. – opportunity to that
  • We need to come up with good talking points and how to reframe for staff and implement better – leave better prepared
  • If goals are clearly set it is easier for others to understand what we’re doing and why
  • Coming up with a clear way of communicating – top to bottom to top
  • Need minutes posted
  • Establish evaluation process (what is success?)
  • “Tipping Point” – How social change occurs
    • How to get from CEO communicating something to staff buy-in
    • Takes a lot of people to sell an idea
    • We are all communicators
  • How does this group become a “sales force”?
  • Right now takes 2-3 years to filter ideas through staff (e.g. CIG)
    • How do we speed this up?

Question for next time:

As a group 1 year from now, how are we better?

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