Construction Update

Claire’s Courtyard

Crews completed the installation of the shade structure on the trellis today.  The scaffolding that surrounds the trellis will be removed this Friday.  This should complete the majority of the work on the trellis.  Next week they will begin grading the patio area, running power and water to the water feature, irrigation work, and the rest of the prep work for the patio.  The week of July 8th they should begin pouring the concrete for the patio.

The sun room is close to being finished, but there is still work going on in the structure.  Work in the sun room will continue for the next few weeks.

We have an event in the courtyard scheduled on Saturday, July 20th, and have made it clear that we expect the courtyard to be ready.  Our contractor has assured us that it will be ready for the event.  It might not be 100% complete, but it will be operational by then.  There may be some landscaping work that still needs to be done, but we plan to be ready to use the space by July 20.


Learning Center / Plaza

Of course the big story with construction in this area is that the majority of the tile work is complete.  The one area that remains is the part of the plaza that is currently in the construction zone.  They will lay the tile in that section within the next few weeks.

Right now work is focused on getting the Learning Center finished.  Work continues to progress in this area and it is scheduled to open on Monday, July 15th.  When it initially opens construction will still be going on in the plaza, so customers will need to enter from the entrances in the New Books room.

Once the Learning Center is complete they will focus entirely on the finishing the rest of the plaza.  The plaza is scheduled to be finished around August 12th.

Thanks to everyone for all of your work with customers during construction and your flexibility.  Unfortunately some of the work has taken longer than expected, especially the courtyard.  However, I think we’re getting near the end of both projects and it will be well worth it!

2 thoughts on “Construction Update

  1. Rachael Schmidtlein on said:

    It’s been exciting to see the progress! Every project has it’s ups and downs but it’s going to be such a great asset!!

  2. Deborah Ellerbrook on said:

    Thanks for the update! I’ve been curious as I see things getting near completion…and so have customers. It’s great to have a timeline.