West Hallway Flooring Complete Soon; Rotunda Stairs Close Tuesday


  • Flooring work in the west hallway finished Monday, May 6
  • Rotunda stairs closed Tuesday, May 7 – Friday, May 10

Monday morning the last of the flooring will be laid in the west hallway.  They will be working in front of the Booktique first thing Monday morning, but they should be done before the Booktique opens at 10 AM.  We will be able to walk on the flooring on Monday, but we will want to try and keep the traffic limited to the Booktique early on.  During the morning we will route people through 101AB to get to the cafe, restrooms, and service elevator corridor.  We should be able to open up the hallway later in the day.

This will open access to the west hallway, however we will have another alternate route starting on Tuesday morning.  They plan to begin laying tile at the bottom of the rotunda stairs that morning, which means the stairs will be closed.  Customers will still be able to go upstairs on the public elevator or by using the stairs at the end of the west hallway.  The tile work should be done by Friday, so we should have the rotunda stairs open by the weekend.

We will let you know about any other alternate routes or changes to the schedule as we find them out.  Thanks again for helping customers navigate the library during all of the construction!

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