Rotunda & Main Doors Close Monday, May 20

On Monday, May 20, crews will begin to install the medallion in the rotunda floor.  While they are working in the rotunda we will have to close the two sets of sliding doors in the front of the library.  Customers and staff will need to use the doors on the side of the main entrance to enter the library.

After the medallion is installed they will then finish installing the tile in the rest of the rotunda.  The main doors will need to be closed for the majority of this work.  All total this will probably take around 4 weeks, but that could change.  Customers will still have full access to the library and the rotunda stairs, just not access to the rotunda itself or the main doors.  Unfortunately this will probably bump into summer a week or two, but it should be complete early into our summer reading schedule.  We should have more schedule specifics shortly after they begin.

While this work is an inconvenience, especially with the overlap into summer reading, the work starting next week will really be the highlight of the new flooring and will look great once it is all done!  Thanks for everyone’s patience and great work with our customers during this process.

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