Flooring Work in West Hallway Begins Wednesday


  • Flooring work in the west hallway begins Wednesday
  • Work should be complete by Wednesday, May 8
  • The Booktique will need to be closed for a day.  More than likely this will be on Tuesday, May 7
  • The cafe will be accessible through the New Books entrance if it is not accessible through the hallway
  • All of the events and meetings in the auditorium should be available each day, although alternate routes may be necessary
  • Areas that are unavailable and alternate routes will change daily
  • The schedule is tentative and could change (see below for current plan)

Work on the new floor in the west hallway will begin on Wednesday, May 1.  It should be complete by Wednesday, May 8.  They have tried very hard to create a schedule that keeps the auditorium available for all of the scheduled meetings and events.  However, getting to the rooms may require some alternate routes.  The cafe should be available the entire time.  However, the Booktique will need to close for a day when the new flooring is laid in front of the door.  See below for an overview of areas that will be impacted each day.

Wednesday, May 1


Thursday, May 2


Friday, May 3


Saturday and Sunday, May 4-5

The west hallway will be open each day.  The new flooring will only be partially installed, but we should be able to walk on it.


Monday, May 6


Tuesday, May 7







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