Construction Update: The Edge Closed All Next Week


  • East hallway closed Monday, April 22 – Sunday, April 28
  • The Edge will be closed Monday, April 22- Sunday, April 28
  • Payphones will be unavailable Monday, April 22 – Sunday, April 28
  • Public elevator will be closed for about one day

On Monday morning construction crews will begin removing the carpeting in the east hallway.  We will be laying luxury vinyl tile down this hallway (and later the west hallway).  The traffic is too heavy along these hallways and the carpeting starts to look bad very soon after it is replaced.  We think luxury vinyl tile will last longer and will be easier to clean.

While work is going on we will need to close access to the east hallway.  This means that The Edge and the payphones will not be available all week. We plan on having some gaming in David J’s Place at certain times for those who normally do that in The Edge.  Because the payphones will be unavailable we will want to be a little more flexible allowing customers to use staff phones if they have an emergency or need a ride.

We will still be able to use the public elevator and Kari’s office for most of the week.  However, customers will need to access the elevator via the door at the back of the Large Print.  There will be a day in which the elevator will be out of service.  We don’t know exactly which day yet, but probably around Thursday.  On that day we will need to let customers use the staff elevator.  We’re in the process of developing exactly how this will work and will send out more information soon.

Work on the flooring in the west hallway will begin sometime in May.  We are still in the process of getting that schedule finalized.  Thanks to everyone for being so flexible during all of the construction.  It will all be worth it when its done.





2 thoughts on “Construction Update: The Edge Closed All Next Week

  1. Shelby Schellenger on said:

    Just confirming that the vending machines will also be unavailable during this time, they won’t be moved temporarily or anything?