Business Center, West Hallway, and VITA Update


  • New Business Center will open Thursday, April 4
  • Entrance to west hallway will be closed Tuesday, April 9 – Thursday, April 11
  • Customers will be able to access west hallway via Auditorium Room 101A
  • VITA on Tuesday and Thursday will take place in Team Rooms
  • Week of the Young Child program will still take place in 101AB
  • Entrance through main security gates opens Friday, April 5

Business Center

The new Business Center in the Plaza will open Thursday, April 4.  The equipment will be moved first thing in the morning.  Everything might not be up and running by 9:00, but everything should be installed sometime tomorrow morning.  The Business Center will have a copier, two fax machines, two scanners, and a print release station.

West Hallway

Tile work will begin at the entrance to the west hallway on Tuesday, April 9 and will last through Thursday, April 11.  During this three day period customers will not be able to enter the hallway via the normal route, however the hallway itself will be open.  In order to access the hallway customers will need to go through 101A in the Auditorium.  Everything in the hallway, including the Booktique, Cafe, and 101BC, will still be accessible.  The normal entrance to the west hallway should be reopened on Friday, April 12.


We have VITA currently scheduled in 101A on Tuesday evening and all day Thursday.  We have decided to move VITA on these two days to the Reference Room, with the individual tax work going on in Team Rooms.  We have four Team Rooms set aside during the regular VITA hours on each day for this purpose.  People waiting can use the chairs and tables in the Reference Room.  All other aspects of the signup will work in the same way that it currently does.

Week of the Young Child

The other event that is scheduled to take place in 101A during this time is the Week of the Young Child program.  It is scheduled on Wednesday at 10:00 AM.  This program will take place in 101A and B.  Unfortunately there are no other spaces available for this program.  We are still going to hold the program during this time and try and shift more of the activities into the 101B portion of the room.  We will rope off the walkway for customers heading for the west hall.   Unfortunately this is not an ideal situation, but one that I’m sure we can make work.


Tile work in front of the three security gates into the main hallway should be complete by Friday, April 5.  On that day we will be able to open up that entryway into the library, and provide a little easier access into the Plaza.

The west doors into the library were closed down today for some of the work on the outside of the building.  They should be opened back up as early as today, or possibly tomorrow.  However, in a week or so we will need to close those doors back down while tile is laid in that area.  The doors will need to be out of service for about a week.

The new customer service desk should arrive sometime around April 20th.  It will take about a day to install and then another day to install the sign above it.  During these two days we will still be able to use the temporary desk, but we may need to move it to the north.  After the desk and sign are installed we’ll be able to move into the new desk.

As always thanks to everyone for your flexibility during construction.  You’ve really done a great job of helping customers with all of the temporary moves and changes!

4 thoughts on “Business Center, West Hallway, and VITA Update

  1. kathryn-barnes on said:

    Will the inside book drop be closed the same days as the hallway? Thanks

  2. Thad Hartman on said:

    The book drop should be open during this time, but it will be closed shortly after. It looks like it could be closed as soon as Friday, April 12, but we’ll let you know for sure when we have an exact date.

  3. Kimberly Sain on said:

    What computers are networked to the print release station in the business center?

    • David Lee King on said:

      We will have a Print Release Station in the Business Center in the next day or two. In the meantime, any of our print release stations will print to that printer.