Temporary Route to Public Elevator and The Edge Begins Tommorow


  • Entrance to east hallway will be closed starting Friday, March 22
  • Hallway will reopen in 1-2 weeks
  • Customers can access the 2nd floor elevator and The Edge via the door at the back of Large Print

First the good news; the Large Print collection was successfully moved into its new home and the updated half of the Plaza was opened up this morning.  Everything went well and looks great!  The other good news is that the tile work south of the security gates continues to progress nicely.  The downside is that tomorrow they will start work in the area right in front of the entrance to the east hallway that leads to The Edge and the public elevator.  This means that customers won’t be able to use that pathway to get to these locations.

However, we have a workaround for our customers.  People will be able to access both the public elevator and The Edge via the door near the back on the Large Print collection.  There will be signs directing customers through this temporary route.  The door will be propped open and the alarm will be deactivated.  We’re going to keep an eye on the traffic flow and behavior of customers using this temporary route.  As always we will deal with poor behavior if it occurs.  However, If the temporary route causes too many issues we will reevaluate keeping The Edge open.

The tile work in front of the entrance to this hallway should be complete in 1-2 weeks, at which time we’ll open it back up.  Unfortunately this is not the intended purpose for this doorway and might take away from some of the coziness of the space.  However, it does allow us to continue to provide service to all of our customers during this interim period and it shouldn’t last for very long.  Thanks to everyone for being so flexible during this journey.






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