Main Hallway Opens Thursday, March 7

The main hallway into the library will reopen on Thursday, March 7.  However, we will only be opening up the west aisle that is closest to the temporary customer service desk (see image).  The other aisles will remain closed for the time being.  We hope to have the other aisles opened up within the next few days.  The main hallway will be open and customers will be able to enter the atrium and other attached rooms from the south.  There will be barriers placed up to keep people out of the construction site.

It appears that we will be able to take possession of the construction area and reopen the rest of the plaza and Large Print area on Friday, March 15, or Monday, March 18.  Once we have those plans finalized we will let you know.  Thanks to everyone for your flexibility and positive attitude in dealing with all of the construction work!

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