Gallery and East Hallway Entrances Open Monday


  • Main entrance to Gallery will open Monday, April 1
  • East hallway will open Monday, April 1
  • Customer Service desk will move Monday, April 1

Tile work in the east portion of the rotunda will finish up this week.  This means we will be able to open up the entrance to the Gallery and the east hallway on Monday, April 1.  Tile work will also begin on the west side of the rotunda starting that Monday.

In addition to opening these areas on Monday we will also be moving the customer service desk.  The customer service desk will be located in the new portion of the plaza.  However, we are still waiting on the new desk to arrive, so we will have some temporary furniture in place to serve as the customer service desk.  The new desk is supposed to arrive mid-April, so we should only have the temporary desk for a couple of weeks.

Tile work will continue in the west portion of the rotunda.  The next big workaround will be when they are tiling in front of the west hallway.  We’re working with the contractors on ways to keep the hallway open as much as possible, but there may be some days when customers have to be rerouted through the library to get into west hallway.  As soon as this is planned and scheduled we will let you know.

Additional upcoming work includes putting down new luxury vinyl tile in the front east and west hallways in place of the carpet that is currently there.  This work will obviously cause some disruption for our customers’ normal routines.  The flooring in the east hallway will be replaced at some point in April, and the west in May.  We don’t have specific dates yet, but once we do we’ll let you know.




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