Updated Plaza Timeline


  • Tile work in the Plaza begins today
  • Main hallway scheduled to reopen March 11
  • Tile work in Large Print area scheduled to be done March 18
  • Large Print / Service Services section tentatively scheduled to reopen March 20

Tile work has begun in the Plaza, which means we will still need to keep the main corridor closed for approximately 10 more days.  They will concentrate on completing the central part of the Plaza so that we can reopen the main corridor as soon as possible.  They are scheduled to be done in that section on Monday, March 11 and at that time we will be able to reopen the main hallway.

After that has been reopened, they will move slightly to the east and finish the rest of the tile on that side of the Plaza.  Once that is complete they will have a couple of days worth of finishing work before we can reopen the Large Print area.  They should be done with the tiling around Monday, March 18 and then we should be able to reopen the Large Print section around Wednesday, March 20.  These dates are subject to change, but the dates of completion should be fairly accurate.

Once the Large Print area is reopened they will begin work on the other half of the construction project, including the creation of the Learning Lab.  Tile work will continue throughout the rotunda.  Certain sections of the rotunda will need to be off-limits at various times, but there will always be some pathways opened into the building.  As soon as we have more information about the rotunda tiling schedule we will let you know.

2 thoughts on “Updated Plaza Timeline

  1. Thad Hartman on said:

    They are doing all that they can right now, unfortunately the weather is preventing them from doing a lot of what needs to be done. Right now we’re looking at a completion date in April, but that’s dependent on us getting some consistent good weather.