Atrium Open; Restroom Closed

The atrium is now open and can be accessed from the New / Media Room or the Kids Library.  The main hallway however is still closed.  The women’s restroom just north of the atrium is closed and should be opened back up tomorrow morning at 9:00.  The men’s restroom near the atrium is open today, but must be accessed through the Reference Room.  The men’s restroom near the atrium will be closed Wednesday and Thursday, and should be opened back up on Friday morning.  Restrooms along the main corridor near the cafe are still open for the public.

3 thoughts on “Atrium Open; Restroom Closed

  1. Kate Hughes on said:

    Do we know how much longer the public will be using the hallway by security for library access, please?

  2. Thad Hartman on said:

    The main hallway should be open by next Monday, but there’s a good chance it will be open sooner than that. There is still a possibility that there will be some days here and there that we may need to close that main hallway down, but they’re getting close to moving to the large print area, which will mean we can open up the main hall.