Tile Update


  • The majority of the tile should be removed by Saturday, January 12
  • The main hallway will be closed Saturday, January 19, and Sunday, January 20
  • The concrete subfloor will be leveled on Monday, January 21, over the Martin Luther King holiday
  • The main hallway should be open on Tuesday, January 22, and new tile should begin to be laid shortly after

Tile removal continues to progress down the main hallway.  Tonight crews will be in to remove the rest of the tile in the rotunda.  They should be able to complete everything tonight except the tile in the vestibule between the front sets of sliding doors and the tile in the hallway north of the atrium.  The tile in these areas will be removed next week.

The concrete subfloor in the rotunda is in much better shape than in the hallway and atrium.  Currently there are some barriers up in the rotunda to direct traffic and keep people off of some small sections of the floor.  However, they are working on smoothing that floor down and they should be able to remove those barriers so that they entire rotunda can be opened up.

Next week there shouldn’t be much change in the flooring until Saturday.  On Saturday, January 19th, crews will need to remove the plywood walkway down the main hallway and prepare the floor for the next stage of the process.  Once this work begins we will need to close the main hallway and direct customers through the service elevator hallway as we did on Wednesday this week.  The main hallway will be closed the entire weekend.

On Monday, January 21st, the library will be closed for Martin Luther King Day.  On that day crews will pour a self-leveling “cap” over the existing concrete floor in the areas that are in bad shape.  This will require some time to set, but there is enough time before we open on Tuesday for it to be ready to walk on.  On Tuesday, January 22nd all of that work should be complete and customers should be able to walk down the main hallway without the need for the plywood pathway.

Sometime later that week they should start laying the new tile.  They plan to start at the north end of the hallway and work south towards the rotunda.  They will partition off the areas in which they are laying the new tile, but we should still have access to the rest of the hallway.  We shouldn’t need to close down the entire hallway, just smaller sections.

Thanks for being flexible during this process and helping all of our customers navigate the temporary walkways.  Thanks!

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