New Tile Work Begins February 11


  • Week of February 4 – Main hallway gets first coat of new paint color
  • Week of February 11 – Tile work in atrium
  • Week of February 18 – Tile work in north hallway
  • Week of February 25 – Tile work in south hallway
  • The main hallway will need to be shut down during the atrium work and south hallway work
  • The work may not take this long; we will update the schedule if necessary

Crews are scheduled to begin installing the new tile on Monday, February 11.  The main hallway is also getting painted (a new color!) and they have decided to paint the first coat next week before the tile is laid.  After the tile is completely done they will go back and paint a second coat.  While the work is going on next week there may be some cones and tape up, but the main hallway will still be open.

On February 11 they will begin to lay tile in the atrium.  During this time the main hallway will need to be closed.  We had hoped to have some of it open, but in speaking with the tile company it is best if they can do the entire section at once.  We will use the service elevator corridor this week as we have done in the past.  They have scheduled that it will take all week to get this section done, but it is possible it might not take that long.

The week of February 18 they will work on the north section of the main hallway.  Right now they plan to actually come in on Sunday the 17th to lay tile in front of the restrooms .  During this time the restrooms in the main hallway will be off limits.  The next day is Staff Day which will give us a day for the mortar to set and then we should able to open the restrooms back up on Tuesday.  We have the rest of the week scheduled for the rest of that section, but they may not need that much time.

They will start the south section of the hallway after they have finished the north section.  Right now we have this scheduled for the week of February 25.  While working on this section the main hallway will need be closed again, but we should have access to the atrium and restrooms, which will make it a little easier to get around.

After the main hallway is complete they will move south into the circulation lobby and finish with the rotunda.  We will know more details about these areas after some of the first sections of tile are complete.  As mentioned, the schedule may change, but it should follow this pattern and we will let you know if any changes arise.  Thanks to everyone for being so patient and helpful during this process.  I think once we start to see the tile being installed everyone is going to be very excited!



One thought on “New Tile Work Begins February 11

  1. Thad Hartman on said:

    If you want a sneak peek of the new hallway color, go to the corridor on the main level by the public elevator. The main color will be that same grey color, although there will be some additional accent colors.