Library Entry and Tile Update


  • Crews are In the process of creating a temporary path down the main hallway
  • We hope to have the entryway into the main library reopened tomorrow
  • All tile could be removed as early as Monday

Temporary Pathway

As you probably know, last night the tile removal revealed some issues in the sub floor that caused us to close the entrance into the main library and  reroute customers through the service elevator hallway.

Right now construction crews are busy laying plywood over the cement floor to create a temporary pathway for customers down the main hallway.  The plywood will be fastened to the floor, so it should provide a smooth and stable walkway.  The construction crews have nicknamed it the Yellow Brick Road.  It will not fill up the entire width of the hallway, so cones and tape will be placed at the edges to try and keep customers off of the uneven floor.

We hope to have this completed by the end of the day, so we should be able to reopen the main hallway tomorrow.  They also plan to move the temporary construction wall back a little bit to make it more of a straight shot down the main hallway, and provide a little more room in the circulation lobby.


Tonight crews will remove tile from the circulation lobby and move into the rotunda.  Because we are not checking out materials in this area today, Digital Services and Maintenance have gone ahead and removed the security gates.  We plan to have them reinstalled and self-check kiosks moved back into the circulation lobby tomorrow.

Right now the plan is to continue to remove the tile going towards the front of the building.  They will work on this for the rest of the week, including over the weekend.  They think they will have everything removed by next week.  The one area that will wait until the following weekend is the small hallway between the atrium and the reference room.  We are going to wait and do that when we can be sure we can immediately fix the flooring underneath so that we don’t lose those bathrooms for any length of time.

The library is closed on Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 21. On that day construction crews will be here and will level the floors and fix the issues so that we are ready for the new flooring to start going down.  We should start to see new tile going down sometime that week, although we’ll know for sure once we get closer to that date and see how things are going.

The new tile will be laid in sections, which will mean certain areas of the hallway will be off limits, but we will be able to schedule it in a way so that we always have alternative routes available.  There shouldn’t be anything as intrusive as what we are experiencing today.

Flooring Issues

The majority of the issues with the sub floor appear to be related to the areas in which the new building joins with the old building.  These sections don’t appear to have been properly prepared, which has caused these problems and probably led to a lot of the issues that we’ve had with the tile.  Getting all of the tile removed and getting these areas fixed is going to be another huge benefit to this project.  The good news is that we think we know where the other issues will be and can plan a little better for them.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in this morning to get everything ready to open with our temporary pathway.  Also, a big thanks to everyone who is helping to deal with all of the questions and confusion it is causing for our customers.  Thanks!


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