Claire’s Courtyard Update

Over the past couple of weeks construction crews have poured concrete for the bridge that will connect the patio to the entrance to the courtyard from the building.  They have also set the footings and foundation for the pavilion.  You can really start to get a feel for how the pavilion, patio, and amphitheater will be laid out in the courtyard.

Over the next few weeks they will be pouring a concrete slab and will start to erect the structural steel for the pavilion.  They will also pour concrete for the stairs and the upper trellis columns in the amphitheater.

Over the last few weeks you may have also noticed that they filled in the site with new dirt.  This is called engineered fill and is used to level the ground and provide a suitable foundation for the structures in the courtyard.  The dirt that was used has a reddish color to it, and many people have asked where this dirt came from.  The answer may surprise you.  It’s not Georgia clay nor is it red dirt from Oklahoma.  It came from the grounds of Bishop Elementary school right here in Topeka.

Construction on Claire’s Courtyard is scheduled for completion in February 2019.





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