Circulation Plaza Update; New Temporary Wall Soon

Temporary Wall

Early next week construction crews will put up another temporary partition wall for work related to the new circulation plaza.  The wall will be located just outside of the south wall of the Red Carpet room.  It will only be a couple of feet from the current wall, so it shouldn’t interfere too much with foot traffic. This will allow construction crews to start demolition on this portion of the room, which will make way for the location of the new customer service desk.

The gallery signage that is currently in this area will be removed and relocated into the rotunda.  The donor recognition board that is there will also be removed, but we will be replacing it with a new method of recognizing donors.  We are in the process of getting bids for adding a touch screen digital display in the rotunda that will recognize donors and give information about the Foundation.  We plan to install the new digital display in early 2019.


Construction Update

Construction crews have been busy with demo work in the Red Carpet room and have made a great deal of progress.  The wall between Red Carpet the Circulation plaza is gone, and so is the old Red Carpet desk.  The small rooms in the north side of Red Carpet have also been opened up.   The size and scope of the new space is really starting to take shape.

One addition to the new Red Carpet room will be a staff door from the back of Red Carpet room to the hallway near the elevator and old training center.  The opening for this door has been created, so if you go down the short hallway to the public elevator you can see where the new door will be located.

The estimated completion date for the first phase of construction is February 2019.  Work will then begin on the west side of the circulation plaza and the new learning center.  The entire project is scheduled for completion in June 2019.


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