Circulation Plaza Renovation Question

In the lower level we have added a construction projects timeline along with a space for questions and comments.  One of the comments was:

People are asking “why the renovations?” What should we tell them?

Good question.  There are several reasons for this renovation.  A brief overview of why we’re doing this is that the new circulation plaza and learning center will allow us to better emphasize learning as a library priority and will also provide better views and access into the circulation plaza from the rotunda.

Some of the main features of the renovation and the ways in which we will do this are:

  • Creation of a new Learning Center that will be centrally located, highlight the library’s commitment to learning, and will feature learning at all of the hours the library is open.
  • We have more space for the public by making better use of unused areas of the circulation lobby (i.e. space behind old circulation desk and old offices)
  • Replace flooring from the front of the library down the main hallway to the reference room with new terrazzo tile.
  • Will will relocate some of the entrances into the circulation plaza and create better views into the circulation plaza and the library from the rotunda and the side entrances.
  • We will relocate the customer service desk so that customers can see it from the rotunda, Circulation Plaza, Red Carpet room, and main hallway.
  • Reconfigured Large Print shelving with better views of the collection.
  • More display space and express collections in the Circulation Plaza.
  • A display window in the Circulation Plaza that looks into and highlights the Booktique.
  • A larger Business Center where the current customer service desk is located.
  • A small conference room for notary service, demonstrating magnifiers, and customer conversations where the business center is currently located.
  • A new Make-It Lab next to the Learning Center

There are additional details and images at  We will also be discussing this in more detail at the next all staff meeting.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Circulation Plaza Renovation Question

  1. andrea-bair on said:

    A question several patrons have asked me is, “Why replace the floor, most of it is beautiful, why not just replace the few cracks? Its seems like a big expense.”

  2. Thad Hartman on said:

    While the flooring is beautiful, it is really not the right type of flooring for the amount of use it gets in the library. For example, when the library first opened we were told not to take carts on the tile floor. The floor has a lot more cracks and issues than most people notice. For example, if you look in the rotunda there are some areas that have large divots or are breaking apart. If you look closely at the rest of the flooring there a large number of small cracks. The tile flooring was imported from Germany and would be cost prohibitive to patch with matching tile. Because we have had issues with the floor in a relative short amount of time, replacing sections with the same tile is going to cause more issues down the road. In addition, we are adding new flooring to other areas that needs to match the main flooring, so this is a good time to have it all match and fix a problem that, quite frankly, we have been dealing with since the library opened. While it is expensive to replace, by replacing it with something longer lasting, we think this will be more cost-effective in the long run.