Circulation Construction Begins Monday; Temporary Changes Necessary

Construction on the new Circulation Plaza is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 12.  This is obviously coming right away and will cause some major changes to how customers and staff use the space until this phase of construction is complete.  

Construction crews will be placing a plastic partition up in the middle of the circulation lobby which will require us to temporarily move the customer service desk and the express collections (see image).  It will also temporarily eliminate the entrance through the eastern most set of security gates.

In preparation of this we will be making the following changes:

  • Friday, 11/9 – Bestseller Express and DVD Express will move out of the Circulation Lobby and back into the middle of Living Room near the public computers.  These collections will move back to the Circulation Plaza once construction is complete in approximately June 2019.
  • Sunday 11/11 – The set of self-check kiosks in front of the old circulation desk will be moved down the wall to make room for the temporary customer service desk.  We will have four self-checks along this wall.
  • Sunday 11/11 – One of the self-checks in the circulation lobby will be moved back into the reference room near the columns in the pass-through into the East Wing.
  • Monday 11/12 – Construction crews will remove a section of the wall in front of the old circulation desk.  This will expose the two work stations that are nearest to the security gates.  This will be the temporary customer service desk during this phase of construction.
  • Tuesday 11/13 – Once the portion of the wall is removed we will move the computers and equipment needed at the customer service desk to it’s temporary location behind the old circulation desk.  The security gates computer will also move to it’s temporary location near the west gates.  The customer service desk and gates computer will remain there until this phase of construction is complete, which will be around February 2019.

We will be placing signs in the lobby directing customers to the temporary locations of the express collections and with images of the future circulation plaza.

This phase of construction should last until February.  After it is complete we will move back into the completed portion of the Circulation Plaza, including moving Large Print back into the newly renovated Red Carpet room.  Work will then begin on the other side of the Circulation Plaza and on the Learning Center.

In addition to the work on the Circulation Plaza and Learning Center, a major aspect of this project is removing all of the tile from the rotunda down the hall to the reference room, and installing new terrazzo tile.  Crews will begin removing the old tile on January 2, 2019.  Because of the noise and intrusion this will cause, this tile work will be done at night when the library is closed.  Removing the tile will take about three weeks.

Once all of the tile is removed they will begin installing the new tile.  They will work on certain sections of the flooring at a time, and while they are doing that those sections will be off limits to customers.  This will mean that alternate routes will be necessary at times during this process.  For example, for a while we might need to enter the Kids Library through David J’s Place.  As soon as we know that schedule we will get that out to everyone.

You can find more information about this project at  If you have any questions please feel free to let me know or post them in the comments.  Thanks in advance for your patience with the construction and the temporary changes.  The space will be great once everything is done!

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