Claire’s Courtyard Construction Begins Wednesday, June 6

Construction on Claire’s Courtyard is set to begin Wednesday, June 6.  It is possible work will actually begin on Thursday, but this coming week we will start to see a lot of changes on the west side of the building.  Once they start work they will have a gate blocking the rest of the west parking lot, so please be aware that you will need to park in the south lot.  If you have a United Way or Foundation parking pass, those spots have been moved to the public lot.  These spots have signs and are located across the drive from where they had previously been in the west lot.

2 thoughts on “Claire’s Courtyard Construction Begins Wednesday, June 6

  1. Susan Schafer on said:

    Hi Thad
    For the folks who work at night, is there a preference as to which south lot we park in?