Summer Learning T-shirt Order

PDF showing swatches of shirt colors here.

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About Karen Watson

Graphic design surrounds us in all aspects; I always want to be involved with that world of color, vividness, expression and interpretation. I have found that my heart is happiest when I am designing for an organization that serves our community. Outside of work, I enjoy life in the country with my family and volunteering. Originally from New Mexico, I enjoy visiting family back home from time to time but consider Kansas home.

3 thoughts on “Summer Learning T-shirt Order

  1. Audrey Sarver on said:

    how do you order more than one if you want different colors and designs please and thank yous

  2. Karen Watson on said:

    Lots of good questions coming in. Here are some answers that may help.

    The pocket is PRINTED on the shirt (not a real pocket). The color of the pocket you see on the form (octopus with dark blue pocket and cat with teal pocket) is the color that the pocket will be (no substitutions of the fake pocket artwork color).Artwork location is on the left breast of the shirt.

    Try on ladies-cut shirt upstairs: Available in the Chief of Staff office (formerly Rob’s office), 2nd floor, administrative office area

    Men’s shirt: same general sizes as “Adult” sizes from previous years.

    Swatches: Download PDF showing t-shirt color choices at the top of the form.