Claire’s Courtyard Updates

Groundbreaking May 24

Everything has been finalized for the creation of Claire’s Courtyard so we will soon see construction begin on this exciting project!  We will have an official groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, May 24 at 10 AM.  We don’t have an official start date for the actual construction, but it should begin about 2-3 weeks from now.  As soon as we have an official start date we will let you know.  Construction is scheduled to last 6 months, which should put completion around the end of 2018.  As you can imagine, once construction begins we will have some temporary changes to our normal procedures until work is complete.

Claire’s Courtyard Design

There have been a few changes to the specs for Claire’s Courtyard, but the major elements of the design have remained the same.  The two differences you are most likely to notice from previous drawings both have to do with the pavilion.  The pavilion is now slightly angled off of the main axis of the main library and will now run parallel to Garfield Street.  The main reason for this change is to avoid encroaching on an easement that runs along the western fence-line of Claire’s Courtyard.  The architects were able to maintain a symmetry with Garfield and the west parking lot, and it also allows for better views of the pavilion when walking in and out of the library’s main entrance.

The other change you may notice is the removal of the clearstory “glass cube” that was on top of the pavilion.  The cost involved in this portion of the project was prohibitive and it also made the pavilion more difficult to keep at a comfortable temperature.  Even with these changes the major aspects (pavilion, courtyard, and amphitheater) and the size of each element all remain the same.  It’s going to be an extremely exciting space!

Staff Parking

On Monday, May 21 Senne will move a trailer onto the west parking lot which will take up several parking spaces, but shouldn’t change any major parking procedures.  However, once actual construction begins the entire west lot will be in use by the construction crews.  This parking lot will be off limits for about one month.  During this time staff (including those working evenings and weekends) should park in the south lots.  If those lots are full, staff can park in the southern most spaces in the public parking lot.  Those spots that are currently designated for United Way or Foundation parking will be moved across the driveway to public lot near the western most lamp post.  The number of handicapped spaces in the main portion of the public parking lot meet ADA requirements for our size lot, so we won’t need to move the handicapped spaces that are currently located in the west lot.

This lot will mostly be needed when construction crews are doing concrete work.  This should take about a month.  Once that work is complete, half of the west lot will reopen and will we change the parking procedure to something more similar to what it is now.  Evening and weekend staff will be able to park in the west lot and we will move the United Way and Foundation parking spots back to this lot.  Construction crews will more than likely need half of that lot for the remainder of construction.

Once construction begins we will monitor the parking situation and make any necessary changes to our procedures if we find there is a lack of available spaces or if any other concerns arise.

Butterfly Waystation

Kim Sain has moved the plants needed for the Butterfly Waystation to the islands at the south end of the public parking.  This will serve as the location for the Waystation until construction is complete.  Once construction is complete we will find a location near the front of the pavilion that will become the new home to the Butterfly Waystation.  Thanks to Kim for all of her work on this!


The piano that we bring outside during the summer months locks down on a ring that is bolted to the sidewalk near the west parking lot.  This location will be behind the construction fence, so we will not be able to take the piano back outside until construction is complete.  It will stay in storage until then.

1001 Garfield

The large patch of dirt where the old Marian Clinic was located will be used to store dirt that is removed from west side of the building during construction.  This area will more than likely be utilized during the entire construction process.  Once construction is complete we will begin the process of making this space into a full sized parking lot.  The parking spaces that are accessible in these lots will be available during construction.

7 thoughts on “Claire’s Courtyard Updates

  1. Graham Marchant on said:

    So are employees going to have access to this “court yard” from back door?

  2. Thad Hartman on said:

    There will be a door at the bottom of the amphitheater that employees can use to set up for programs and move equipment and supplies. Of course during construction the area will be inaccessible.

  3. Graham Marchant on said:

    so this is no longer accessible as a “break area” for employees?

  4. Thad Hartman on said:

    Then entire area will be accessible to staff for breaks. However, the main entrance just off of the cafe will be the easiest way to get in and out.

  5. john-cooper on said:

    Yes thank you Kim for moving and re-planting all those plants from the Butterfly Waystation to the islands. I was wondering where they had been relocated to.

    • Kimberly Sain on said:

      Coop, the plants referenced above are the plants you and I moved last fall to the islands.