You’re Closed on Veterans Day?!!!

We’re closed on Saturday for the Holiday.  Customers expect us to close for Thanksgiving and Christmas but they don’t necessarily think we’ll be closed on November 11th.  So, it’d be a really good idea to remind people that we won’t be here on Saturday as they might expect.  Mention we’re closing when you talk to customers.  We won’t be able to catch everybody but you might save somebody a wasted trip.  Remind them we’re back open on Sunday as usual.

2 thoughts on “You’re Closed on Veterans Day?!!!

  1. Kimberly Sain on said:

    I walked thru the rotunda and the circ lobby earlier today and didn’t notice signage, such as a pedestal stand with a poster, alerting people of the holiday closure.

  2. Carrie Cummings on said:

    On would be good, too. We usually do an alert in the header for closed days, don’t we?