Team Room Update

The new Team Rooms opened this morning, although there are a couple of features that are not currently working.  The main issue right now is that the reservation system is not up and running.  This should be fixed by this afternoon (update: issues with the reservation system are taking longer than anticipated and it probably won’t be ready until later this week).  Until then we are just going to leave them open and have customers use them on a first-come, first-served basis.  The time limits for the rooms are three hours, and until the reservation system is enabled we will use the honor system.  We should have reservations working soon though so this shouldn’t be an issue for long.  The other issue is that the rooms cannot currently print to the SAM print station.  However, this should be resolved by tomorrow morning.

Thanks to everyone for your work creating these new spaces and your patience dealing with the construction. So far this morning the customers using the rooms have loved them and we had several people walk by and comment about how excited they were about our new additions.



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