Construction Update – September 11, 2017

Collaborative Workspaces / Reference Room

The majority of the new carpeting has been laid in the reference room.  Unfortunately they did not have enough of the border carpet to finish the job.  We are waiting for more carpet to arrive, which could happen at any time.  As soon as the rest of the carpet arrives they will finish carpeting the remainder of the room.  That process shouldn’t take long and the room should be reopened shortly afterwards.  During this process, thanks to our amazing facilities staff, we have also installed new outlets that are flush with the floor and removed the old monument-style outlets.  We are also in the process of refinishing some of the tables that had been in the Reference Room that had quite a bit of wear and tear on them.  It should look really nice once everything is done.

Construction work on the collaborative workspaces should be mostly complete by the end of the week.  However, we are still waiting for the doors to arrive and some of the furniture.  Once these arrive we will then install the doors, furniture, and computers.  This should all be done by the end of September.


The new counter has been installed and we have a new soda dispenser.  The soda dispenser has a built in ice maker, so we will be able to remove the old stand-alone ice maker.  A new counter should be installed this week in place of the banquet table that currently has the coffee and cream and sugar on it.  We will also be receiving new signs for the cafe that will be installed outside of the entrance in the main hallway and also outside of the new entrance near the New Books.  These signs should be installed sometime this week or next week.  We are currently in the process of scheduling the installation of security gates for the new entrance.  Right now it looks like the security gates will be installed the week of September 25th, but that is not final yet.  After the security gates are installed we should be able to open up the new entrance around the end of September.

1001 SW Garfield

Work has already begun on the demolition of the old Marian Clinic at 1001 SW Garfield.  That parking lot will be fenced off when the work is being done.  The demolition will take up to 60 days, so it will take a little time, but you will start to notice work being done over there.


2 thoughts on “Construction Update – September 11, 2017

  1. dawn-buttery on said:

    What plan is in place for the morning when the cafe is open before the library opens? I know we’ve been preparing for people coming into the cafe area during hours after the cafe closes as far as being able to lock things up and move things out of the area, but what about in the morning when the cafe opens their doors before the library is open for patrons?

  2. Thad Hartman on said:

    There are doors that will be installed at this entrance that can be closed and locked when the library is closed. These doors haven’t arrived yet, but they should in the next couple of weeks. Thanks.