Construction Update – August 22, 2017

The current construction projects are starting to near completion.  There are still many details to finish, but the majority of work is complete.  We should see some of the public space return in the cafe soon, but we will temporarily lose some public space in the Reference Room.  Please see the updates below for more details.

Collaborative Workspaces / Reference Room

Today they began installing the flooring in the collaborative workspaces.  After that is complete they will finish installing the trim around the room.  They should have this finished in about a week.  Furniture for the rooms is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and we already have the computers and equipment on hand. Once the work is done on these rooms they will begin work on replacing the carpeting in the reference room. This will include tearing up the old carpet, installing flush mounted electrical outlets in the floor, and then laying the new carpet.  While this work is being done the reference room will be closed to the public and customers will be directed to the stacks and North Reading Room through the New / Media Room and Youth Services.  That work should begin in 1-2 weeks and will last about one week.

Cafe Pass Through

This week crews began painting the walls in the cafe pass through.  Carpet in the pass through and the new counter should be installed within the next week, which will allow us to take down the plastic and reinstall the soda fountain.  They will also be installing a new counter for the condiments and coffee where the table is currently located.  The doors for the pass through have not arrived and the security gates still need to be installed before this is completely opened up.

1001 SW Garfield

Work on tearing down the old Marian Clinic building is scheduled to begin on September 7th.  This will take about a month to complete.   Eventually we will convert the entire property into a parking lot, but we will need to wait a few extra months to get the approval from the city.  There aren’t any concerns that it won’t be approved, but there is a process we need to go through that takes time to complete all of the steps.



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