Eventbrite Cancellations & Cheat Sheet

For call center and staff who help customers with Eventbrite, there is a 2-page cheat sheet available at L:\Projects & Resources\Training. Please review it, as it has been updated. If you have other information to include, please let me know so it continues to be a useful tool.

There have been a lot of questions about cancelling registrations lately.

The customer and the staff person managing the program are the only ones who can cancel a registration.

  • The customer logs into their Eventbrite account with email and password and can view all of their registrations and cancel from there; or,
  • The staff person managing a program can log in and delete a registration.

If a customer calls to cancel their attendance, the best thing to do is to notify the person running the program via voicemail or email.

Please be sure to get the customer name and which program or class they cannot attend.

Please DO thank them for calling to let us know. It can make a big difference for a program or class in high demand or requiring prep.

The cheat sheet also includes information on cancelling a whole program in Eventbrite.

Thank you everyone who helps get customers enrolled and sending info when they call in to cancel too.  It makes a real difference to our programming.

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