Construction Update – Lighting in the Stacks

Phase 1

Construction on the new collaborative workspaces is moving along very well.  They have removed the old study room in the southeast corner of the reference room and have begun framing the new collaborative workspaces in that area.  On the other side of the reference room they are currently working on removing the walls in the southwest study room.  This will be a challenging part of the project.  There is an old brick exterior wall behind the sheetrock that needs to be removed.  This takes a lot of additional labor and will make that area take a little longer to complete.  This was a known issue during the planning process, so it is all part of the original timeline.  Once the old walls in the southwest corner are removed they will begin framing in that part of the room and begin removal or the study room in the northeast corner.

It wouldn’t be a construction project without some unexpected issues.  We have had an issue come up in the southeast corner.  As they have begun work on the walls for the collaborative workspaces the construction crew is running into space problems due to the lighting that hangs off of the front of the fiction stacks.  In order to have enough space to sheetrock, these lights will need to be removed.

Unfortunately the lighting on the stacks is all connected.  In addition to making this a much more difficult task, this also means we’ll need to remove the lights on the first and second rows.  This will be an issue in three of the four corners, so we will need to remove the lights for the first two rows of Fiction, Travel Neighborhood, and Reference.  The range beginning with the Health Neighborhood will keep all of its lights because it starts further back and won’t interfere with construction.  The lights will be reinstalled after construction is complete.

Maintenance will begin removing the lights today.  There will be a little less light of course in the second rows, but the materials will be accessible to the public.  The lighting system in the stacks is complicated, but we think that we can remove the first two rows without affecting anything else.  A big thanks goes out to maintenance for dealing with this time-consuming issue on short notice.

Entry Plaza

Construction on the entry plaza is due to be completed by May 31st.  They plan to have concrete for the curb and gutters poured by the end of the week.  Over the next 2-3 weeks they will put down the insulation, ice melt system, and pour the rest of the concrete.  We should also be getting dirt in the planters very soon.  They will be installing the decorative brick in the insets on the planters within the next week or so.  This will really help finish off the look of the planters.  Assuming the weather cooperates, we should have the entry plaza completed before our first Blockbuster Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “Construction Update – Lighting in the Stacks

  1. Thad Hartman on said:

    There are a few additional rows of lights that have been turned off in the east stacks. These are connected to some of the lights that needed to be moved and unfortunately there was not a way to keep them on while the others were out.

  2. Sherry Best on said:

    I’ve seen a number of kids jumping off of the planters. My hope is that they will do this less when the plants are in.

  3. Thad Hartman on said:

    The topsoil should be going in very soon, which will hopefully reduce that behavior.