Construction Update – Entry Plaza

All of the concrete has been poured and all of the front doors are now open!  This should will make it much easier for our customers during this busy time of year.  However, there are still a few finishing touches left before the entry plaza is complete.

  • Today they are busy putting top soil in the planters.
  • On Monday, June 5 Schendel is scheduled to put plants in the planters.
  • There will also be lighting in the planters which is currently being worked on.  They plan to have this completed by the end of the week.
  • One of the final finishing touches will be the addition of bricks on the front of the planters in the recessed areas.  These bricks will match the gold bricks that are above the windows on the front of the building.  Below we have an image of what the front looks like now, with an additional image to give you a better idea of what it should look like with these additional elements.  Please note the that plant images in the picture are not necessarily what will be in the planters, but are merely there for demonstration purposes.
  • Topeka Metro will be out to put their bike racks back in and that should be done by the end of June.
  • We will also be getting additional seating next to the large planter on the side that faces the front doors, as well as more seating on the east side.

I think it should be really nice when it’s done.  Thanks everyone for your patience during this project!

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