Community Impact Goals

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Impact Goals – Mind Maps

  • Every Child Ready for Kindergarten

    The library is your best resource for raising a reader and a lifelong learner. Our first Community Impact Goal is “Every child ready for kindergarten.” And we mean every child. Our youth services leaders, librarians and staff are experienced educators, armed with research and an ironclad commitment to child advocacy. Learn more.

  • Community of Readers

    We envision a community in which reading is a cultural norm, a pleasure, and a priority. Every person will not only be literate, but will also value the power and joy of reading. Readers will explore and discover books to inform or entertain, and will discuss what they read with others. We envision a truly engaged community of readers–curious, reflective, and informed. Learn more.



  • Passion for Learning

    The library is a leader in providing services that support reading and learning throughout life. We strive to close the digital gap with classes in technology. We reach out to places and people in the community with resources and opportunities to learn skills to improve lives. Learn more.

  • Living Your Best Life

    The spark that ignites a love for learning should continue to grow. When individuals in the community are engaged in bettering their knowledge base and their lives, collective improvements will surface. The community will be happier, healthier, smarter and more engaged as a whole. Learn more.

Word Clouds

Best Life
Passion for Learning
Every Child Ready for Kindergarten
Community of Readers - Adults
Community of Readers - Kids

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