Circulation Lobby Activity

The circulation plaza team has been working through a design thinking process (see link below if you would like to learn more about this process) to help us determine what functions and/or collections will live in the circulation lobby/red carpet area as we work through the master facility plan.   We are at the “inspiration” phase which involves asking our customers how they use the library as well as getting to know them better.

The team will have a place in the lobby where we ask our customers some questions (there will be a question a week for three weeks).  We will also have a questionnaire on the digital branch.  Communications and marketing has made signs to hang on the column that is closest to the kiosks when you first walk into the lobby.  Customers are encouraged to write their thoughts and ideas on a post-it note and place it on the sign.

Here is what I’m asking of you…encourage customers to participate!

If customers want to know what this is for you can tell them that we will be redesigning this space in the next year and we know we don’t have all the answers and want to hear from those who use the library.

Here are the questions we will ask:

  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  2. What services do you regularly use at the library?
  3. What brings you to the library today?

This will start next week, December 26.

The circulation rover and staff at the red carpet desk will help monitor this area.


Circulation Plaza Team Members

  • Wally Trimble
  • Michelle Griffith
  • Linda Arb
  • Paul Brennan
  • Marie Pyko
  • Thad Hartman
  • Michael Perkins
  • Nate Hohl
  • Miranda Ericsson
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Julie Nelson
  • Cindy Hohl
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