New Entrance Pedestrian Plaza

We just had our pre-construction meeting for the new entry/pedestrian plaza.  We now have facts to tell you about the project.

Construction will begin on Monday, November 21st.  This is what the new Pedestrian Plaza will look like:plaza-1



  • Construction will be staged in three sections to maintain access to the library and to allow for emergency exit.
  • Construction will begin to the west side of the front sliding doors and go all the way to the flag pole.
  • We think the second section will start at the east of the sliding doors and go to end of the sidewalk.
  • The third section will be just in front of the sliding doors.
  • All doors not included in a specific section will be open for business.
  • The construction workers will use part of the west parking lot for storage and for their workers parking. This map indicates how that will work.


  • All “prize” parking will remain as it is. Please continue to park there when appropriate.
  • There will be limited additional parking in the west lot.
  • All additional evening crew parking will need to park in the Marian Clinic parking lot across Garfield. As you know this is now library property.  The parking lines are faded but please follow them to the best of your ability.  This is a map of the Marian Clinic property.  It goes from Garfield to Mulvane.  You may park anywhere in that lot but will probably want to use those stalls closest to Garfield.


  • Security will focus cameras on the Marian Clinic property and will patrol that lot for us.
  • As anywhere you park, please do not leave valuables in site and lock your car.
  • Public information about this project will go out soon.
  • If you have questions, please ask Thad (4511) or Rob (4480).

2 thoughts on “New Entrance Pedestrian Plaza

  1. Thad Hartman on said:

    There have been some questions about the lions that were in front of the library. The lions have been put in storage. They are not incorporated in the design of the new entrance plaza. Their future location has yet to be determined.

  2. Lissa Staley on said:

    I LOVE the signage out front and public blog posts – great work communicating this change to the public!!