Make-It Lab Changes

The Make-It lab is evolving! The Make-It Lab team has decided to move one of the Macs from the Make-It lab to the corner beside the 3d printer. We are calling this space the Make-It Lab: Design Station. This station will be more for video and photo editing, 3d printing and design, and creating digital, visual art. Users will still be able to use garage band, however recording will not be allowed in the media area. Users are free to plug in headphones just like our regular computers if they need sound. *NOTE the computer makes a wonderful “dunnn” sound when it restarts, no need to worry if you hear this sound

What This Means for You:

  • There is now just one key that checks out for the Make-It Lab. You don’t need a key for the design station, just sit down with a library card and login.
  • It is still first come first serve.
  • Remember, this computer does not print. Advise customers to either e-mail themselves documents needing printing or use a USB Flash drive to print from one of our regular, Windows computers.
  • Using the Design station or Make-It Lab still counts towards a customer’s 3 hour per day computer, time limit.
  • Equipment from the cabinet will stay in the Make-It Lab. The exception is the Wacom Drawing Tablet which can be used at the Design Station. Customers will still request this from the media desk and it will continue to be stored in the Make-It Lab cabinet (the pen is stored in the drawer at the Media Desk).
  • We won’t enforce that this station only be used for creative purposes, however do advise customers who want to use it for other purposes that it is very different from our regular computers.
  • On PC Activity Manager, MAC01 is now the Design Station while MAC02 is still in the Make-It Lab.
  • The maximum amount of people allowed in the Make-It Lab at once will still be 6.

We made this decision after noticing several customers would only use the current lab if nobody was already using the room. This also makes it easier for groups to record and not have to worry about other users making noise or interrupting their session.

New Make-It Lab Design Station

Location of the Design Station in New Media by the 3D Printer

If you have questions, feel free to post below, ask the Make-It Lab team via e-mail ( or ask any of us: Jacob Ziegler, Meg Porteous, Carrie Cummings, Amber Bonnett, Christina Callison, Stephen Ferrell, Kyle Moreland, Kimberly Sain, Arion Beals, Lisa Brien, Stephanie Hall, Marie Pyko.

3 thoughts on “Make-It Lab Changes

  1. Nathan Hohl on said:

    If someone wants to use the Mac for design purposes, but someone is already using it to do something else, should we ask that person to use another computer, or will the person wanting the Mac just need to wait? And if we are going to ask people to use another computer, should we have a sign there saying that could happen?

  2. Lissa Staley on said:

    Is there an age limit for this machine? I tried to arbitrate an argument between an early elementary child and a pre-literate child over who could log in this evening. Guidelines on whether people using the software that is only available on that particular machine versus people watching youtube videos would be extremely helpful. The adult customers in the area watched the children argue and my attempt to arbitrate with interest.