Security Vehicle purchased from Stormont Vail for $500

Three years ago we developed a confidential, comprehensive security plan with the Board of Trustees. Part of that plan, based on a recommendation from Brad McCarter, included a used security vehicle. I have been looking for one since then. The cost of even a well used security vehicle made it cost prohibitive to purchase. After talking to our neighbors at Stormont Vail over the years, they offered us a vehicle for $500, which they no longer needed. It is a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria with 127,000 miles, light bar and otherwise fully equipped and running.

Iā€™m working with Communications and Marketing to develop signs for the car to designate it as Library Security.

Parking it in the lot, is a proven deterrent to criminals. People know we have security on site all the time the library is open. It will be largely used in our main parking lot for patrolling and as a deterrent. We will drive it out to Bookmobile stops and other off-site locations as needed.

If you have questions, just ask me.

2 thoughts on “Security Vehicle purchased from Stormont Vail for $500

  1. Jeff Imparato on said:

    According to the NADA Guide, accounting for the mileage and using the basic model (which ours is an upgrade), that car retails for $7300. Our dear neighbors to the north gave us a real bargain. Thanks for pursuing this, Greg, and thanks Brad for helping us to reduce crime,