Bed Bugs Inspection Schedule

Most of you remember Scout, the bed bug dog. We wanted Scout to visit the library quarterly to monitor the bed bug problem.  In working with Scout’s handler, we realized Scout can’t cover the whole building in one trip.  His “sniffer” gets tired.

We think our new plan is even better.

Scout will visit us every month and do about one quarter of the entire building covered three times per year.  It also leaves us a chance to have Scout check a specific area each month, where a problem is suspected or reported.

Scout will typically visit earlier in the day, so you may not see him on his visits.

Fortunately, we haven’t had reports of bugs lately and we hope it stays that way.  However, if you see or hear about something, please let Paul Brennan know so he can coordinate our response to the issue. Paul is our official coordinator for bed bugs.

Thanks for your help with this unpleasant new normal.

I will take this opportunity to remind you of procedures.


  1. If you see something or hear about something – report it to Paul Brennan. If evening or weekend report to Manager in Charge.
  2. Suspected items are to be double bagged and put in the box outside Ruth Rodden’s office in Circulation. All service desks and shelvers have bags provided by the library. Put on gloves and bag up the item(s).
  3. If the item is furniture or larger in size, contact Maintenance/Custodial staff to bag/wrap the item in place and then move it to a safe place before we treat it.
  4. If a member of the public or staff see bugs that they suspect to be bed bugs or are not identifiable, it should be reported to management, security and maintenance/custodial to address the issue immediately. Management will always be notified and then depending on the situation, you may need security and/or maintenance.  If it is just a book, please follow the procedure above. Larger items or bites on people will need need the attention of security and maintenance. We are treating each report of this nature as if it were a bed bug until we know differently.
  5. None of the above have changed since this problem began and will be a part of our normal operating procedures from now on.
  6. If a member of the public asks you what we are doing about bed bugs, you may share the following:
    1. The building is treated monthly by our pest control service.
    2. The building is checked each month by a bed bug sniffing dog. The entire building will be checked about three times a year. You may explain about the schedule outlined above.
    3. We have a standard procedure for dealing with books/videos/cd’s, etc which might be a problem.
    4. We have procedures in place to minimize exposure to bed bugs.
    5. This is a public building and we cannot guarantee there will never be bed bugs here again. However, it is our belief that we have done everything possible to make the library as risk free as possible. I, personally, am comfortable working in this building every day and would not hesitate to bring children and family members to use the library.
    6. Remember bed bugs are an equal opportunity nuisance.  As is often erroneously assumed, It is not just the down and out who might bring them to the library.  The finest hotels in the world may be infested as easily as any place else. Literally, anyone could bring bed bugs to the library.

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