Bed Bug Thank you

Last night a customer reported to staff that they thought there was a bed bug on a table in the Periodicals room.

Staff captured the bug and double bagged it while calling Maintenance and MIC.

It was tentatively identified as a bed bug and sent to John Kugler for positive identification.  John said that it was a bed bug.

Maintenance arrived with a plastic bag for the chair and took it to be cooked.

The newspapers on the table were recorded so that Tech Services could remove them from inventory and then were bagged and discarded in the dumpster.

The area was vacuumed and treated with disinfectant to kill any potential eggs or bugs that we didn’t see. Maintenance will visually check the rest of the chairs in the Periodicals room to see if they can find any other evidence in that area.  Scout will be visiting us after the first of the year and will definitely check this room.

Security filled out an incident report.

Thank you to everyone for doing exactly the correct thing throughout; Lissa, Angie, Jacob, Larry, Ivan, Sheryl and anyone else that I may not have seen for handling this so well.

The customer was curious what we would do, so I explained everything that was going to happen.  They were pleased with how prompt and confident everyone was in dealing with the situation.

I know this has a huge ick factor and none of us like this at all, but you learned well and responded exactly as trained.

Thank you for your great work! I’m proud of you.

One thought on “Bed Bug Thank you

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    Is the library tracking additional bed bug finds in the public areas? Is there a certain/central point person these incidents are reported to? Thank you.