Scouts Bed Bug check

Scout visited the library this morning.  He covered all of 1020 and the bookmobiles, the upstairs meeting rooms, Topeka Room, Tech Services, Youth Services, Edge, and the Public services workroom today.  The only thing he found was four chairs in the Anton room.  Those chairs have been bagged and removed for heat treatment by Schendel. This completes the initial visits by Scout.

We are scheduling a visit by Scout on a quarterly basis as well as calling Schendel any time we have a report of bed bugs.

John Kugler is working with guidance from Schendel to build us a heat box that we can treat things here and not have to send them to Schendel in the future.  When you watch the film from Bed Bugs 101 you will hear that they are killed in a few seconds once the they reach 119 degrees.  Placing an item in the hot box and heating it to 130 degrees for enough time that the center reaches 120 degrees will kill all living bugs and eggs.

We are confident that our plan, which is based on recommendations from Schendel and is consistent with other library plans, will keep us as bed bug free as we possibly can. It has been helpful that customers are returning items from their home, when they know or suspect bed bugs, in bags and telling us so the items can be handled properly.  Before this they rarely told us, which introduced bed bugs into our system.

If you have questions, please let me know.  Schedule is always available to help me answer any question you may have.


2 thoughts on “Scouts Bed Bug check

  1. Kate Hughes on said:

    In general, this is good news and info, Rob. Thank you.
    That said, last Tuesday my Journaling people and I had our program in the Anton Room. I wasn’t able to attend Schendel’s presentation. What steps do we take if we have been exposed to bed bugs through materials or location. How will we know if we have? Is this answered in the video that is coming from Digital Services? Thanks.

  2. Rob Banks on said:

    Those questions are answered in the video, which we hope to have posted today, Monday, October 19. Also, you can find answers in the FAQ’s which I posted. One thing Joseph mentioned after the camera was off was that bed bugs’ favorite time to feed on you is during REM sleep. They can detect that and will come out at that point. He said that if you have “settled” down into a chair and aren’t moving much and are sort of “zoned out” the bugs will be more apt to approach. Of course, this isn’t 100%, but it is their favorite condition.