Sarah Kittrell Presentation: Bed Bugs Management

Monday November 2nd

Marvin 101 C

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Join Us For This Follow-Up From Sarah’s Webinar This Week. She will be here to answer our questions and provide examples of their best practices. If you would like to see damaged materials, she will also bring her evidence box.


Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite: Prevention and Treatment in Public Libraries

So, your library has discovered bed bugs in your facility or collections. Or maybe your library is lucky and hasn’t yet had a bed bug introduction, but you’d like to be prepared if and when that introduction happens, so you’re not trying to have months worth of policy discussions in a few hours or days. This webinar will provide everything you need to know, from identifying bed bugs, to ways they are introduced into the library, to treatment and mitigation options that will help you protect your library’s facilities and collections on a daily basis. Libraries around the country and world have successfully dealt with bed bugs—you can too! Instructor Sarah Kitrell is the author of the forthcoming PLA publication, Bed Bug Abatement in Public Libraries.


At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will:

  • Know how to identify bed bugs and the signs that materials have been in a home with bed bugs;
  • Recognize the problem areas in facilities and collections that staff should pay close attention to every day, in order to prevent bed bug introductions from becoming infestations; and
  • Understand treatment and mitigation options to protect facilities and collections.

Who Should Attend

All library staff, but particularly those in administration, as well as those working with collections, facilities, and circulation.


Sarah Kittrell is the Collection Development Division manager for the Wichita (Kans.) Public Library. While she hates bed bugs with a fiery burning passion, she is happy to share everything she’s learned about them with other libraries who are just experiencing their first introduction, or commiserate with those who have unfortunately already become familiar with the critters.

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